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We work with all the major contractors and provide specialist lifting and transport to numerous Datacentre providers across London and the UK.

The development of transistor technology throughout the years and the integrated circuit chip led to an explosion and constant breakthroughs for both the consumer and the commercial application. 


Once integrated circuit computers took digital technology forward, replacing all early analogue computers, there was only one problem………






A data centre is a network of computing and storage resources that enable the delivery of shared software applications and vast amounts of data. 


These centres can house large amounts of critical and often vital data and, therefore, are essential to companies and consumers Daily functions.


This exciting sector is a focus for us at DSM, providing that important bespoke, professional approach to the installation and logistical planning of new data centre systems, housing frames and related infrastructure. This is often, if not always a highly confidential timeline, but we ensure strict safety procedures and confidentiality from the initial conversation until the final project delivery.

DSM Cover London, Essex, Kent, Hertford, Bedford, Cambridge and surrounding areas.

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